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Meet Tiffani


   Now that I have figured out the camera, built a business and earned my Certified Professional Photographer license, I’ve decided to take a step back. I will no longer be accepting clients, but I’m not hanging up my equipment at all. While my kids are young, I’ve decided to step away from the business aspect of photography and focus on creativity and skill development! This is an exciting opportunity for me to improve my skill through print competition and maybe someday earn degrees to add to my name!
  Someday… when we’ve quit moving for my husband’s job, our kids are school-aged, and I’ve accomplished my professional goals (hopefully!)… Tiffani Jedlicka Photography WILL BE BACK and stronger than ever. Until then, I promise to keep creating art for myself and for all of you!
   Wanna know all about your photographer without having to take the time to stalk all of her social media? You know you would! Here is everything you need to know about me (and some you don’t).
  I can never remember how old I am. My husband, Scott, is always correcting me when someone asks my age. His birthday was yesterday and we just had this conversation yet again, so I can confidently say that I am 32.
   I love exclamation points and almost every paragraph I write ends in one! More than one person has told me to lay off of the excitement in my blog posts, but why would exclamation points have been created if they weren’t supposed to be used? I’ve chosen to ignore the suggestion, as you can clearly see.
   I am a stay-at-home mom to our five children, twins Trent and Blaire, our third child, Reid Edward is watching over us from above, 2 1/2 year-old Drake, and our youngest, Sloane, who is 4 months already! Life is slightly crazy and kids are a lot of work, but I suppose they are pretty rewarding too! I love being a mom but I admit that on the rare days my kids are sick, tired or fussy, the idea of a full-time desk job and sounds insanely appealing.
   I got my first camera, a Nikon D50, as a hand-me-down from my Mom shortly before the twins were born. Since then I’ve become addicted to photography blogs, instructional books, and most of all, my camera manual. I upgraded to the Nikon D700 in 2012 and  my newest baby, the D810 in 2015.
   My favorite type of photography is children, specifically newborns, young families and seniors. I hope I’m not offending any potential senior portrait clients by calling them children! I love photographing in the bright sunlight and try to encourage my clients to embrace beautiful outdoor setting so we can take advantage of the natural sunlight.
   My husband and I love renovation projects. We recently purchased a foreclosure and have been remodeling it for the past year and a half. Scott does most of the manual labor and I make the design decisions and act as his handy assistant. We really do seem to make a good reno team, however, the kids sometimes aren’t great team players. We might have to get them a toy tool set so they can help and play all at the same time.
   I graduated from a catholic high school in Iowa and have found a way to give back that I truly love. I coached high school girls’ volleyball at my alma mater for the past 4 years. Working with high school girls is an absolute riot. I’m always amazed at the crazy things I learn from those girls and by the deep satisfaction I feel when they succeed.
  Hope you enjoyed and learned a little something about me too!
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